Shrimp Junk 香江壹號

Built in Coloane’s boatyard, the Shrimp Junk (香江壹號) is a classic Chinese sailing vessel with more than 40 years of history. 


Junks are efficient and robust ships that were traveling across oceans as early as the second century. The Shrimp Junk is a classic Chinese sailing vessel, with more than 40 years of history.  The boat recently underwent a general restoration, some parts have been renovated and some improved and all by the best craftsmen in the region, in order to reestablish its original splendor. There are only two vessels of this size and type left in the world, Shrimp was built under the second generation; the other one, which belongs to the first generation, is now in England and is badly damaged, the owners are considering doing some restoration work and offering it to a local museum.


The renovated Shrimp Junk offers private cruises to boat lovers departing from Macau; the boat can also be a charming venue for a special event, a great setting for an important business meeting or an exotic background for team building activities.

The boat maximum capacity is 44 passengers including the boat crew. The Shrimp Junk charter is operated by a captain and three crew members; it is fitted with safety equipment, as life jackets, flare guns, life rings, and fire extinguishers.